Computer shows that the network is available but won\'t connect

I have a wireless router. The first time I connected my computer to it, it worked. I went in to change the network password, and after that, it stopped working. Every single other device I have will connect, including other laptops, but this one won't. In the network and sharing center it shows that my network is available, but it will not connect. I have tried everything I can think of. I have looked all over the internet, nd still can't figure it out!!!! My computer's wifi IS on so its not that. The only thing that the trouble shooter tells me to do is unplug the router and restart it and that has not worked after several tries. I need help! Also is there a way to reset the computers recognition of networks? Im wondering if that would work if I could completely restart the process again, but I dont know how to get to that. I have a dell inspiron with windows 7. If there is anyone that can maybe help me that would be huge!!!
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  1. on the left hand side in the Network and Sharing Center you should find Manage Wireless Networks.

    click on it and delete you network SSID.

    now try to connect again
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