Kt400 mobos and pci card sound?

With all these new KT400 boards out, a question arises for the music writers. Whilst wanting to make use of the features of these new boards, i was wondering if there is likely to be any problems with using pci soundcards (e.g. SB LIVE!, or other more professional soundcard) in these systems? Is the onboard sound comparable to such cards (i think probably not), and if not, is there a way to switch the onboard sound off and just utilise the soundcard, or can they be used in conjuction to provide more ins and outs?
no reviews have yet tackled this issue, and the sound world seldom gets so involved in up-to-date hardware issues to review these themselves.
Is anyone bothered? does anyone have these boards yet to find out?

i like to play...
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  1. I wouldn't recommend a Creative card, especially not on a VIA chipset. Other than that most cards will work fine. The onboard audio usually isn't quality, but it can be disabled or used on other applications (yes you can use both).

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