Windows 7 Boots to Blue Screen

I just purchased a new motherboard, processor, RAM, and power supply for my Desktop. I have been trying to boot the computer using my hard drive from my old setup which had Windows 7 on it. Whenever the computer boots it goes from the bios screen to the Windows Boot page with the logo but then it goes straight to a Blue Screen. When the Blue Screen comes up it only flashes for a tenth of a second and then restarts so I can not read it. The same thing happens when I try to boot the computer in safe mode.

-What could the problem be?
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  1. Migrating your old OS into a completely new hardware environment isn't a good idea.

    Reinstall Win 7. A joy, I know :)
  2. Hi :)

    Different hardware causes this...

    Format the drive then install 7 and it will be fine...

    All the best Brett :)
  3. Just looking over Tom's Hardware when I found this thread. I had the same problem. Did what you said. No more problem. Thank you all for answering these questions, even though I did not ask. Thank you again!
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