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I have a modem and a linkseys router. There are 3 laptops on the router network but I'm about to buy a desktop PC and am going to connect the router to it via ethernet cable. Do I use a crossover cable or will a cat5e straight through cable be fine? I know most cables will work either way now-a-days but I currently have a cat5e straight through but it's old and don't know if it will work. Thank you in advance!
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  1. usually you would use a straight through but a crossover would work as well
  2. The age of the cable does not really matter as long as it was not physically damaged in some way. It is the age of the equipment you are hooking it to more than anything that makes a difference. Older stuff did not have the proper chips to auto detect the cables and negotiate the straight/cross stuff.
  3. Okay its a linksey wrt54g router, probably like 6 or 7 years old. And alright cool I have the straight through cable
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    After looking up your model of router, it looks as though it does, in fact, utilize MDI-X ports. This means that either straight-through or crossover will work just fine.
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  6. crossover cable : If you are connecting two same device like two laptop or two router you will used this/

    Straight Through: But if you are connecting laptop to router or pc to switch ie. different device than you will need Straight Through cat5 cable.

    This is what we expect in theory ..

    But this is not what happen nowdays . due to advancement in technology new equipment automatically detect the type of connection . So crossover would work fine for you.

    And it's not the age of cable which matters but the age of equipment that matters. Anything which is 3-4 years old will work fine most probably.

    P.s I myself used straight through cable (which was meant to connect pc to router only) to connect two laptop for file sharing and lan games. So It will work other way round too.

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