URGENT PLEASE HELP! Theme not changing, restricted use on Win7

Okay I am at my wits and need this issue resolved fast.

My windows theme and my computer in general has reverted to using the standard theme and won't let me change it. In personalization I can change the border and taskbar color but they won't change. I can choose different themes but everything will change except for the toolbar and windows color. This setting is also restricting my admin privileges when I install iTunes and other programs and won't let me do anything basically.

I want to unlock my GPU but this thing won't let me. When it happened I was playing BF3 one day and there was a popup from AMD or my GPU settings saying something about low power consumption with the setting or something of the sort. I disregarded it and now it's been f*cking with me ever since.

Please help. I have tried restarting. Did nothing.


My computer:
Intel i7 CPU 2.67ghz
Sapphire HD6950 2GB
Evga X58 SLI3 Mobo
Rosewill 650w PSU
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  1. Sorry accidentally replied instead of editing post
  2. Can't really tell from here, but I don't see any antivirus installed. If that's the case, that would be my first step... install av and do a full scan.
  3. Why is this urgent?
  4. AV? Avira or AVG?
  5. Yes, either Avira, AVG or Avast... either will do for now.
  6. WR2 said:
    Why is this urgent?
    Yeah, I first laughed when I read about the themes bit...
  7. This is urgent because:
    A. I have to unlock this GPU so I can play optimally in a tournament coming up
    B. iTunes won't detect my product, that I have to send to someone that bought it.

    I'm kinda short on time. I ran MSE and it came out fine. I'll run Avira next.
  8. nodnarb11 said:
    This is urgent because:
    A. I have to unlock this GPU so I can play optimally in a tournament coming up

    Well, many would debate on the 'urgency' of that, lol

    Anyway, in addition to either Avast/AVG/Avira also download and run malwarebytes

    You shouldn't be running your rig without any protection anyway... so even if you have no malicious code lurking somewhere you'll at least have a layer of protection in the future.
  9. Ran MalwareBytes (I forgot I did that yesterday) MSE and Avira.


    Anything else?
  10. If you have Restore Points enabled, you could try reverting your system to a previous state before you began experiencing these issues. You may lose some installations or other data in the process.
  11. Attempted restore points and nothing changed so I reverted back to normal.

    I'm going to call AMD or Sapphire and see if they know.
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