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I reinstalled windows and installed creatives latest drivers for my sblive which is an x-gamer btw and it installed it as the value edition. is there a differance realy? I know the values just didnt have a bundle but was there a hardware differance as well? How do I get this damnned thing to install the right drivers, I have tried several versions and I have came to the conclusion that Creative just sucks. anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it? anyone know where I can find the right drivers without having to download it from creatives shiity servers?

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  1. Some of the Value cards wouldn't interface properly with the Live Drive (can't remember whether the pins were missing or simply not used), while your XGamer should support the Live Drive. Which you don't have anyway, so the driver doesn't matter.

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  2. I have had that exact problem before. Crash is right except for one thing. If you go to your advanced options under volume you may notice that the option for digital out is grayed out. If you want to use digital out the value drivers may be a problem. And YES, Creative drivers could be alot better. Good luck. Take care.

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  3. It sounds like Creative is creating an unsatisfied customer base lately. Who will fill the void? A little competition will do them some good.

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