Will installing delete my files?

So I recently sold my computer, but kept my main HDD, with all of my data and such on it, such as many, many pictures, lots and lots of music and videos, and a whole bunch of music production project files. I bought parts for a new computer, and it is a new chipset, so I have to reinstall windows in order to use my computer. My question is, since I can't do the upgrade option, because it is a new chipset I can not do the necessary steps to use the upgrade option, will choosing custom installation delete all of my personal files such as pictures, music, etc? Or will it put it in a windows.old folder? Because I'm pretty sure that's what I did last time I reinstalled windows, but I wanted to check because I have lots of important files.
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  1. The answer is yes!
  2. Yes it will delete them? Or yes it will create a windows.old folder? Because I've seen many places that have said it creates a windows.old folder.
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    you will see during the installing process that you will be asked what to do. if you do not format and install on the same partition windows will put your User folders on a windows.old directory.
  4. Thank you! Helped a bunch. Installing now. :)
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