Configure ftp on cisco 1921 router to work with external

I am Jado, i am facing the problem of configuring ftp on cisco 1921 router to work with external network

Any one can help me?
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  1. I assume you mean you want to pass ftp to a inside machine behind a NAT ?

    You must configure a static nat entry to map port 21 to your machine. The router is normally smart enough to allow the traffic to port 20 on a active FTP session. If not you can static map port 20 also. Passive nat the session on port 20 should be outbound so you would not have to map it.

    You also need to verify you do not have access lists blocking the traffic. Most times if you are restricting traffic with access lists you will have to go to a firewall feature using the "inpsect" configuration to allow FTP to work correctly.
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