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Lets begin, my company has rented a conference room that's 3 floors down from our. The building doesn't have any shafts that I can get an Ethernet cable down there, power lines are also useless, already tested it out. Bouncing a signal from the building across its not an option. Can't get another line from the internet company also.

I really need a way to get internet down there. I'm open to suggestions.

The other thing is, this is a temporary conference room, for 3 month use only, so it can't be an expensive solution.

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  1. Lets assume that some ISP could put a connection in the room. That implies there are wires run or there is a way to run wires which you too should be able to use just like the ISP.

    More than likely there is already wire run between the floors. You would have to find out if first it ethernet and second if the distances are correct to use simple ethernet switches.

    Since there are always telephone lines you could use those to run something like a T1 or private DSL over. The end devices to do this will cost a few hundred dollars each

    Best bet since you are renting the space is to ask the building owner for a solution they know the option much better, can't be the first time someone asked.
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