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I just got a new MSI KT4 Ultra MB. I used my old memory from the old dragon Plus board that died on me. This is ECC memory. I read that this memory is not supported by the MSI board. When I try to play a game what usually happens is that I get into the game some then it freezes and I get full screen vertical colored lines. My question would be is this a result of using the ECC memory? Do I have to buy new memory to rid myself of this problem? Or does this sound like yet another problem area?
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  1. This culd be a video card problem as well. Is it just this one gave that gives you a problem or are you getting problems with other programs as well? What video card are you using? Have you tested your memory?

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  2. the video card is a ati radoen 7200. I didn't have any problems with this card before this board install. The memory was checked and is ok. I only have 2 games right now. They both give the same problem.
  3. Run MEMTEST86 or GOLDMEM to see if the ECC is having problems with your system.

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