Adding a 2nd Router to DSL line

I read the post about CASCADING A ROUTER (Same subnet) and I understand what that means, but I have some questions.

My current situation:
I currently have DSL and I have my router connected to the phone line in my home office and have 3 computers (2 business & 1 gaming) connected to the router via ethernet cable, works great.

What I want to do:
What I want to do is take the gaming computer to the game room in the basement and hook it up to the internet down there. Since it's a gaming computer I want to connect it to a router with ethernet cable for the fastest possible upload and download speeds (I do not want to use WiFi because I play flight sims and FPS and WiFi is too slow/laggy for online play).

1. Can I connect a second router into the phone/DSL line in the basement then hook up the gaming computer to the second router and get internet access like I have in the home office?

2. If I ran an ethernet cable from the home office router to a second router in the basement, would the long length of the ethernet cable adversely affect the connection speed (bit rate) of the second router? (would I get slower internet access in the basement?)

That's all I can think of at the moment, I'd love to hear your suggestions. Please keep in mind I'm not an IT person, I have just learned by doing and through trial and error, so any advice and suggestions would need to be in the "Networking for Dummies" arena, hehehe! :lol:

Thanks in advance for the help!
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  1. You really can only make a single DSL router work on a phone line. There are crazy things like using the phone lines in your house as a private DSL but that is not what you are asking.

    A ethernet cable between the locations is the BEST solution. Since you do not need wireless you may be better off with a switch. Even if you use a router you want to run it in AP mode or cable it LAN to LAN which makes it into a switch that happens to also run wireless.

    Ethernet cable will go 100 meters and run at full gig speed.

    You maybe able to reuse the wire the phone uses. Many houses less than about 10 years old use ethernet cable for the phones. As long as you have 4 wires and they aren't the old black,yellow,green,red ones you likely can make ethernet work over them. Note if you only have 4 wires rather than 8 you will be limited to 100m...but few people have 100m internet connections.
  2. So it sounds like I can just connect a long ethernet cable to the router upstairs, run it to the basement, connect it to the gaming computer and I'm all set. It will also be alot shorter than 100m! ;-)

  3. You can add a second DSL router to the single DSL line. The first one connects to the Internet line. The second would be connected to the first as any other would be using an ethernet cable through the ports. The cable you connect to the back of the main router connects to the second router using it's DSL (in) port. This second router has to be set up as an access point or repeater so that it leaves the DHCP settings to the main router. This way, you can have the WiFi from both places. I have this setup in my house to increase the range of the WiFi.
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