Merging 2 LAN together

I currently have 2 buildings with 2 separate LAN with no internet access. (I don't want have internet access for them)

Building A has ip range of (
All the devices has static ip with no router only switches

Building B has ip range of ( -
All the devices has static ip with no router only switches

Now I have 2 computer from building B want to communicate some devices to building A. So I put in a router at with no dhcp and connected building A to internal port 1 and building B to internal port 2

Then for the 2 computers from building B in windows i made sure they had 2 sets of ip that is not taken and 1 gate ways.

Computer 1 : and with gate way
Computer 2 : and with gate way

When it first got installed it worked fine for couple weeks then all the sudden it will cause one building lose network. Then we try reset it and still works fine for couple weeks then one of the building network would crash.

I was wondering is there a better way go about it without using WAN and also no changing the 2 buildings ip range?

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  1. I am surprised you got that to work..what a painful way to do it.

    Get a router than run multiple networks or get one you can load dd-wrt on. You would then put the router on and and put gateway address on the PC pointing to the corresponding network. The router will know how to connect them and all the pc will work without any special configuration.

    Maybe someone else would know the exact router that can do this with default firmware. I either use DD-WRT or more commonly use a layer3 switch of small cisco commercial router.
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