Enthernet to wifi

I m from Pakistan using ethernet cable for my laptop.
The purpose of laptop has been ruined when u r to carry it with a plugged cable.
I have a spare tp-link router.
could anyone suggest me the solution to simply convert this connection to wifi.
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  1. Spare router? Do you already use a router? If so, then just configure the wireless on the current router. If your current router lacks wireless, jut use the tp-link as an access point. To do that, attach the tp-link LAN port to LAN port to your current router, turn off DHCP in the tp-link, give the tp-link an IP address that is static or reserved dynamic in the current network range. You should configure the tp-link with WPA/WPA2 security and write down the password you select, you will need to enter it in the laptop when you connect the first time to the wireless signal.
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