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Hello, my father has windows 7 with new computer. all files and programs have ended up 'in' media center and cannot be opened.
Card games, excel, word, IE, printer, etc. All icons have which used to be recognizable for the file or program now have microsoft icons. Any attempt to launch from the control panel etc are directed into the media center. Games are in 'extras' ie, exel, word, printer are in 'tasks'. NOTHING will work.
If we removed media center im afraid all files and programs will disapear. he says he tried to removed it and the error message said: microsoft cannot perform this function. Ive looked at it and must admit, Im baffled. Media center has absorbed every file and progrfam on his computer. Help
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  1. Any clue to how they ended up in Media Center in the first place?
    That might help figure out what to to next.
  2. Where are the files and programs actually located on his system.
    The full / compete path to the files.
  3. There is a chance that the File Associations has been set making Media Center the default program for everything.

    Check a few File Associations of files/programs that don't open correctly and see if you can spot a common problem that way.

    -->How to Change the Default Program a File Type Opens With in Windows 7
  4. Have you looked for System Restore points back before the problem occurred?

    If you do find a massive mess with Windows Media Center file associations look over this guide:

    How to Associate a File Type or Protocol Default Program in Window 7
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