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I have a 5 year old computer and the only mouse outlet is a serial outlet. I have a ps/2 mouse so I plug that into a ps/2 to serial adaptor and plug it into the serial outlet.

For the life of me, this has never worked. Is there anything I have to enable in bios or is it just known that these adaptors never work?

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  1. They do have their share of problems...
    Bad contacts, loose connections missmatching drivers etc.

    Not really sure how you can fix it. You can try getting another adaptor incase that one is broken. Install the latest drivers, make sure its looking for the right com port.

    As a last resort you can try going to a second hand store and getting an old serial mouse.

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  2. Thank You LHGPooBaa.

    Mismatching drivers? Does the actual adaptor have a driver?

    I might have to get a serial mouse. No one likes to downgrade. argh.
  3. When i said missmatching drivers i was thinking that the drivers for the ps2 mouse were too new for the operating system or they were designed to "see" the mouse in a normal ps2 port, not an old serial com port.
    Another idea, you could try to scrounge up some old mouse drivers that were specifically designed for serial mice.

    And yes, downgrade is bad.
    What OS are you running?

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  4. Not all PS/2 mice work with any adapter. The ones that do work with an adapter might not work with the one you have, as there are several configurations of adapter. I remember for certain that Logitec used a different one that Mitsumi, for example.

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  5. The difference between PS/2 and UART (normal com port) is not just an adaptor. PS/2 uses a different signaling, so in order for your adaptor to work, the mouse must be capable of that signaling. Some mice only supports UART signaling, and those cannot work through a PS/2 connector regardless of drivers and adapters.

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  6. Only mice that came with adapter will work with it. Because this is not really adapter, but a connector. The mouse should be compatible with both standards to work .
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