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I'm having problems with the Santa Cruz crackling and popping on occasion with normal windows sounds, frequently in certain games such as MDK2, and frequently with my ATI TV Tuner card. Some games seem fine, and playing mp3s through winamp is also fine.

I'm running Windows 2000 with ACPI disabled on a VIA KT266a motherboard. Latest Directx and drivers for the Santa Cruz. Via chipset drivers v4.43. Did a clean install of Windows when I received the soundcard.

I bought this to replace my Live! since I finally got fed up with the glitchy sound. So far the Santa Cruz hasn't been any better, it just has a different sounding problem. Can anyone recommend a simple solution?

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  1. Hm I'm using Kt266a mainboard and SantaCruz with Win2k too
    but i'm fine with all of the things that you mentioned
    try to switch the sound card to another PCI slot
  2. I can see about trying that, but currently it's in the 3rd PCI slot and not sharing IRQs with anything.

  3. Welcome to VIA country. Most people blame their sound card problems they have with Creative Audigys on the Audigy.. but most do not realize that VIA doesnt work with many PCI devices properly. My KT266A crashes when lots of information is being transferred over the IDE bus.

    VIA sucks, your only real option is go SIS or Intel.

    Athlon 1700+, KT266A, 512MB PC2100, Geforce 3, Audigy, Z560s
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