Just upgraded computer but not hard drives and usb headset wont work

I just updated to a z77 i5 3.4 and everything has installed fine except for my creative arena headset usb. It was working just fine on my other machine earlier today but now that I have a new mobo and cpu it will not install the drivers. My SSD and HDD were not reformated and I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers a few times with no change. I just get 3 rapid beeps when I plug the USB in. Thank you for your time.
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  1. then try another headset if the problem remains the same then tell me i will do something
  2. Unfortunately I don't own another USB headset.
  3. you need to do a fresh install of windows when installing a new motherboard.
  4. if it the z77 sabertooth there two usb three drivers on the disk and new intell chipset. you first want to go to intel web page and download the updated chipset drivers. install then then reboot. under usb you should now see the intel 3.0 usb hub. on the drivers cd under usb you have to load the drivers for the other chipset hub.
  5. Its obviously been a while but I forgot to get around to post my progress. Well. I haven't had any. I went ahead and did a fresh install of windows and I am still having the same problem where as I cant even install the firmware manually. I am running a asus p8v77 pro motherboard. Thanks again for all the responses.
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