PC on wifi network makes all others lag

Hello I have a very weird issue with the wireless connection of my router. Me and my brother have our PCs on the same room and have decent signal at all times. The problem is that when my sister connects her netbook to the network wifi becomes unusable for us. I mean normally ping to the router from my pc is 1ms and when she connects it will get to the thousands or even time out. This is a pretty sever problem and I cannot for the life of me figure it out.

My sisters netbook has an atheros 9285 card, and the other two computer have a d-link n adapter, and a us robotics g adapter.

I have tried multiple configurations such as b/g or b/g/n, with wpa or wpa2 but the problem persists. I checked my sisters netbook for viruses thouroughly, with malwarebytes, microsoft security essential +2-3 other antiviruses and none found anyhting. I also updated her driver to the latest i found.

I am getting desperate here, and i do wish i wont have to buy another router. Just to clarify the problem is not internet speed, should be able to handle (and used to be) 5-6 computers at once, it is the connection to the router itself.

Please give me your lights
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  1. BTW the router is a ZTE ZXV10 W300 provided by my ISP.
  2. Force the connection to only run N. If anything runs G or worse B it will cause the router to switch modes which causes slow downs, replace any G adapters with N since USB N adapters are under $10

    In general this is just a fundamental problem with how wireless works. Only a single device (including the router) can transmit at one time. The more device you have the more likely it is that they transmit at the same time and get errors...which means they have to retransmit. This retransmission is why you see the long ping times. If you can wire one of the pc to the router it will reduce the amount of wireless competition.

    It also depends what you are doing with the wireless. Games and streaming media are the worst offenders. They like to transmit/receive constantly and even if it is at a low rate they still are doing it enough that they greatly increase the chances of overlaping and causes retransmissions.
  3. Well here is the thing, i have 1 pc with a g adapter and one with an n adapter, they work just fine together when the network is in either b+g or b+g+n, there is also a ps3 that is also g and when it is on there are no problems. Now when i add the netbook that has an n adapter everything else has extremely high ping, even when it just opens chrome and loads google as the homepage. It seems that any attempt it makes to connect with the router no matter how small will affect the network, and that's why I was thinking that there might be some issue other than the difference of adapter speeds.

    Btw i test ping to my router by using "ping -t".

    Thank you very much for your response!
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