Install windows 7 to usb without hard drive

I'm trying to revive my laptop with no cd\dvd or hard drive by installing windows 7 onto the flash drive and running it all from tjhere
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  1. come on post readers just tell me if its possible
  2. Are you in a hurry?
  3. I know you can run a LiveCD type OS from a USB stick.

    Ubuntu Desktop
  4. Im not in a hurry I just wanted to know if it was possible
  5. yes it can be done

    but its more of a hassle with windows than linux

    and will need a larger usb drive

    if its just for web browsing etc the ubuntu link wr2 gave would be a good option--especially on older hardware

    the other link wr2 gave will only make it a bootable usb drive to install windows-- it wont actually let you run windows as an

    operating system live from the usb

    something like this for live usb
  6. The basic .iso install on a USB drive will let him run the Recovery Console from the installation startup which might be all he needs.

    If he's lucky.
  7. the way i read his post he wants to run windows as a live OS from the usb drive as he has no cd\dvd or hard drive

    like the ubuntu link you gave
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