Wired connection. cannot access internet win7 64-bit

Ok so I received my computer back from a repair , no point in saying that now so ill cut it to the chase.

a week ago i received and assembled a new motherboard but unfortunately every time i try to connect my Ethernet cable to the router, it doesn't seem to pick up any access. I tried to reset my router several time, reset my modem, switch Ethernet cables, plugged Ethernet cable to the modem instead, look for possible fix through the router's address, delete and reinstall win7 and all of em doesn't seem to work.

So how can i get it fixed? could it be because of my motherboard? but that wouldn't be logical since the guy who repaired my computer didn't find any defect onto it. Should i contact my internet provider for assistance? What do? :(

PLEASE HALP!!!! Thank you >.<
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  1. was the guy at the shop able to connect to the internet?

    are the network card drivers installed?
  2. Well I did not ask the question since it never poped in my mind neither that I never had the problem once before but aswell, how can I tell if my network card drivers is installed? One thing that I should note is that when I plug my cable into the port of my motherboard, I can see a bright green light appear and that goes the same for my indicates that "port 1" has internet connection but oddly enough , I do not receive any of the access into the pc. And yes, I tried different router ports and they all light up accordingly.
  3. check the Device Manager if the drivers are installed.

    if the drivers are not installed the device will show up under Other Devices.

    if there is a problem with the driver it will show up under Network Adapters but have a yellow dot on it.

    check the status of the network card and see if it has a IP assigned to it.
    list the first three numbers of the IP
  4. Ill get back to you when I come back from school. Ill say what's up in around 4 to 5 hours. Thanks
  5. Ok, i tried to look up for the ip from the network status- no luck here but as for the device manager, i've got under a yellow dot thingy (Ethernet controller, PCI simple communications controller and SM bus controller)
  6. Everything is now fixed!!!! the solution was to install the drivers from the motherboard cd... now how can i close this thread? D:
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