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Why nobody talks about RICOH here?

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November 12, 2002 3:27:02 AM

Perhaps LITEON and LG is popular anywhere!
As i know RICOH is a famous band too,why nobody
choose it nowadays?

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November 12, 2002 3:40:27 AM

Im not sure exactly... It could be that Ricoh isn't very common in the united states, and the majority of the readers are from America/Canada.

I come from Australia, and Ricoh is as common as any other brand. While they dont have the absolute fastest burners around, they do seem to be reliable and affordable.

I've got great service out of my 12x10x32x... never had a problem. But recently have upgraded to a 48x24x48x liteon. Why the liteon? 1. its the fastest around, 2. its cheap and most importantly 3. i could get it with a black facia.

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November 12, 2002 4:38:19 PM

RICOH does not sell retail drive in US for a while. I have a 6x RICOH CDRW that is still working after 4 years of usage and burned few hundred CDs. I think their drive should be very reliable.
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November 24, 2002 9:59:14 AM

In my part of the country,the name Ricoh means copy machines...:) 

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November 27, 2002 1:49:53 AM

Or cameras

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January 2, 2003 4:44:22 PM

I bought a Ricoh MP7200 last holiday season for the kid's rig. I live in the US. The company I bought it from did indicate they imported them from elsewhere, as there was no US distributor. That also means "unsupported," but that hasn't been an issue, fortunately. I notice they are no longer carrying them, though. Thing works like a champ, and I'm pleased with the purchase. It rips audio well too, and will record at 20X.

January 3, 2003 1:40:56 AM

Ricoh had no longer offerred CD-RWs in the U.S. since March 2001. However, there are some vendors that still import Ricoh drives from Europe. It's sad to see such company, who invented CD-RW and Justlink technologies and also makes many great drives, pulled out from the American market.
January 17, 2003 8:45:40 PM

Some packager (edit: It's Memorex - rebadging the new Ricoh DVD burner) has started importing Ricohs directly (check for JustLink BU protection - but could also be AOpen) and you might be able to get some from that they also import directly. Other than that, Ricoh is a nonentity in the CDRW market in the States.

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