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I'm having trouble with my computer's homegroup. I have 3 computers, two laptops and a desktop. The two laptops connect via wifi (I have only 1 network for all 3) and my desktop via cable. For some reason, my desktop can't connect with the other two laptops (they both work correctly, meaning they can connect between the two of them) but the desktop computer can't connect to a homegroup created by either laptop, neither can the laptops connect to a homegroup created by the desktop computer. It just doesn't show up, as simple as that.
All 3 comps run on Win 7, different versions, desktop is 32 bits, and both laptops are 64 and 32 bits.
My wifi router is tplink, same as my modem.

ps: yes, they're all on "home" network, they're all on one and only one network, with clocks synched and ipv6 enabled.
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  1. You said that the laptops connect by Wi-fi, but the desktop by cable. That may be your issue. The laptops can see each other but not the desktop. And the desktop can't see either laptop.
  2. Yeah but why? And this is a recent problem, I remember like a few months ago the desktop computer worked perfectly with the other laptops, with the same configuration... Any ideas?
  3. Because your desktop isn't on the wi-fi network. If it was it might be visible to the laptops and vice versa
  4. Make it visible to the wi-fi network and see if its working or not!!
  5. 1st: A few months ago it worked, the desktop computer via cable and the laptops via wifi, and they worked perfectly
    2nd: Don't I need a special adapter for the desktop computer to be connected to the wifi?
  6. Yes, you will need an adapter for wi-fi on the desktop unless it has an in-built wi-fi reciever.
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