Why cant I print envelopes on my A920 Dell printer?

I have Dell computer with Windows 7. I am using a Dell A920 printer that I used when I had Windos XP. Under XP I was able to print envelopes, but now under Windows 7, I can't. The Dell tech support told me that there are any drivers for this; however, I can print documents and make copies. What's wrong?
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  1. When running XP what program did you use to print envelopes and labels?

    Use the same program in Win7.
  2. I'm assuming you meant Dell said there aren't any drivers for it to run on Win7. I suspect you're running on a generic Windows driver which may not support some of the bells and whistles you enjoyed running Dell's full driver under XP.

    Maybe Microsoft now requires people to affix stamps on the envelopes before sending them to the printer ;)
  3. It has a Dell badge on it and was originally made by Lexmark.

    How to get Vista drivers to work in Windows 7.

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