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I have questions about Powerline technology. I want to do Powerline to my PS3, instead of WIFI which isn't the greatest signal in my room with the PS3 (but is amazing everywhere else lol). Anyways, here are my questions:

1) Should the Powerline be connected to its own dedicated power line?
2) Does a surge protector lessen the noise compared to the (PC for example) being connected directly into the socket?
3) I wired another router from my main router, to extend my house WIFI, if I plugged the Powerline into this router, will it give me a signal?

I'd like to get this done right away as I am sick of WIFI :)
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  1. You want to avoid plugging these devices into any form of powerstrip or surge protectors. The "noise" these filter may be the signal it is using.

    Not sure what you mean dedicated..unless you mean the wall outlet. They work best when they are on the same circuit breaker or on the same hot side of the breaker panel but they should pretty much work anywhere.

    It would be best to wire it to the main router to make things simpler but it really doesn't matter. This will be one of those try both and see if it runs faster one way or another.

    Powerline stuff works well mostly. Like wireless it does have issues with interference. Things with motors tend to be the worst offenders. Hair dryer and vacuums can sometimes completely block you ability to use the devices.
  2. The Powerline will be directly into the wall, but there will be a surge protector plugged into the second outlet.

    A normal wall outlet has the 2 areas to plug in, the powerline will go in the bottom, and the surge on the top, will this cause enough noise to cause a very bad signal?

    The issue I have with WIFI is I get disconnected a lot on PS3 (yet my signal strength is 80%+) so I would rather wired like with a powerline.
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    It will work fine, most surge protectors do not CAUSE noise they filter it. The problem comes when you plug power line adapters INTO some surge protectors they filter the signal your adapters are generating.

    The power line units tend to work better than wireless for many people. You should have no issues....try it and if you have problems then go look for the noise creator after. It is not worth the headache to try to guess what problems you might get.

    You likely have a source of interference that is also of high signal strength on your wireless. This is why some wireless devices also show you the number of errors.
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  5. John,
    Thanks for your help. Will be purchasing a powerline network tomorrow after work :)
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