Toshiba Satellite L655-S5150/PSK2CU-OK101S


I recently came into possession of a Toshiba Satellite L655-S5150, Model No. PSK2CU-OK101S by way of an inheritance. It did not come with any documentation, installation, recovery or driver disks.

I formatted the hard drive and have installed Windows 7 Professional. Windows 7 boots up, but it appears to use only the generic drivers for all the hardware, which, although it most of it works, it is certainly not working as well as drivers for the specific harware would. I cannot get the computer to find any wireless networks, so I cannot download any software directly to the laptop.

I have downloaded drviers for the LAN, ehternet, etc., from Toshiba, and took a SWAG on what hardware was in the computer, but at least one of these drivers froze up the more guessing.

1) I have tried to find a list of the specific equipment, LAN cards, ethernet, etc, that is in the laptop without success. Is there anywhere I can find out what specific harware is in the computer without paying $150.00 to Toshiba Support? (I will,, but the cheapskate in me demands I try this first.) I have Googled the make and model for days and can only find generic specs on the quipment.

I think if I can get a specific hardware list, I can download the individual drivers fairly easy of the net on another computer and load them from a thumb drive or CD.

2) If all else fails, is it worth physically opening up the laptop to examine the boards and see if the the make, maodel and type of each? It was free to me, so I lose nothing if I screw up? I would probably spend the $150.00 for Toshiba Support if it would really screw up the laptop.

If anyone can assist me, I would appreciate it. I can be emailed directly at if you have any questions.


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  1. List of the drivers here

    Just select the appropriate OS. And unless you want to receive spam, please do not provide your personal email.

    Good luck.
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