Windows 7 Peer-to-Peer Problem, pinging but not establishing connection with dom


I want to connect my two computers peer to peer, one is having Windows 2008 server, and another client machine is having windows 7, when I want to make it client it is not connecting to domain and giving an error message that:

"Network location cannot be reached. For information about network troubleshooting see Windows help" .

But when I ping the systems they pinging and receiving and sending.

Can you please help me what will be the solution to this problem.


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  1. what version of Windows7 are you using? Home
  2. If you're using Win7 Pro and above it is more than likely a DNS issue, make sure your DNS server is running, if the server's firewall is running make sure it's in domain mode (it should be if you have dcpromo'd the server) and that your client has all the correct info in its IP configuration.

    Generally peer-to-peer is regarded as a decentralised topology where as domains are centralised, are you sure you using the correct terminology here?
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