Failed to connect to a windows service

After a 18 months of running win7 Ult ok, I ran into issues. I was tight on space, so it does not have any restore point before troubles.

I fixed the space issue (cloned/expanded drive using Apricon DriveWire), but still can't get Network access.

Failed to connect to a windows service
Windows could not connect to the System Event Notification Service service. This problems prevents
standard users from logging on to the system. As an adminstrative user, you can review the System
Event Log for details about why the service did not respond

When I try to start Windows Event Log service (still set to automatic, but not started),

I get an Error 1747: The authentication service is unknown.

I am in as an administrator logon.

Trying to view event log gives me: "Event Log service is unavailable. Verify that the service is running"

Trying to avoid having to reinstall all apps and setting from scratch.
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  1. i would start with the easy stuff

    click start type
    click on services and make sure the boxes are all checked.

    click start in the runbox type cmd
    sfc /scannow
    this will run system file check and ensure that all system files are intact and in the original state.

    if all else fails do a repair installation.
  2. no joy.

    MSConfig - all check except telephony that I turned off 1/2012

    SFC /SCANNOW ran as administrator as well as from repair.
    It says there are issues from existing windows. Looking in CBS.LOG I am unclear what the issue is. Searching for Missing does not return any finds.

    Running from Windows Install/Repair CMD window, SFC runs for 15 seconds and returns that there it needs a restart. Restarting and repeating yields same results.

    Is there a way to do a repair without blowing away all the installed applications and settings without a backup?
  3. I tried to post CBS.Log file but site did not except it. Let me know if you need to see.
  4. In the past I have installed Windows on top of itself choosing the option to leave the current file system intact. That might be an option worth considering because it will allow you to install windows and all your files will remain.
  5. "repair upgrade": Insert the bootable Windows DVD, set BIOS to start from DVD, shutdown the PC and restart it, then on the installation screen select "Upgrade", not "Custom Install". If Setup detects an existent Windows installation (which is guaranteed when you start the whole process from within Windows and may fail here, should the installer not find sufficient boot informations and certain registry settings), it will "upgrade" Win 7 to a working Win 7.

    step by step picture instructions (scroll down a bit on the page)
  6. Well, not good news so far.

    I tried repair upgrade from within and from booting to DVD. I got very far into installation before Windows Repair Install began crying and uninstalling complaining of a hardware issue (it worked fine before and I don't recall adding any new hardware). Before starting installation, Window complained about ATI Catalyst drivers (Laptop has ATI Mobility HD 5730 in it) should be uninstalled. I did.

    I installed another Windows install on an 2nd partition (d drive) and version of Windows can get to the Internet and can see data and windows files.

    I downloaded Malware Bytes and scanned with current definitions and it found nothing.

    I ran from SFC 2nd Windows load:

    SFC /SCANNOW /offlinedir=c: /offwindir=c:\windows

    and it still has issues.

    I redownloaded latest ATI driver (from last month) and installed - good install on 2nd windows load, but has error on SDK part of installation on original Windows.

    Any other suggestions?
  7. The error at the end of upgrading windows is"
    Windows Setup could not configure Windows to run on this computer's hardware

    When I have all connections except network (which it can't seem to use to connect to web) disconnected.

    So then it says: "
    The upgrade was not succesful. Your previous version of windows is being
    restored. Do no restart during this time."

    And rolls back to old install.
  8. I tried removing ATI Catalyst - but have some challenges. Steps taken:
    - Uninstall off control panel and CCleaner
    - Redownload (through 2nd windows partition) what AMD program recommends for hardware, install and uninstall. Still many remnants around.
    - Uninstall, and run registry cleaners (CCleaner and Wise Registry). Still many remnants around.
    - Repeatedly delete in Control Panel and CCleaner the Catalyst uninstall, Delete ATI directory, AMD directory, ATI directory in \Program Files (x86), rerun Wise Registry, Defrag registry cleaner, cross fingers and hope.

    Then tried to upgrade install - it does not complain about Catalyst being an issue at the front. However Win7 upgrade install still says it has a hardware compatibility issue. Reboot into 2nd install of window7 and that is fine, except without all my apps.

    Arggghhh. Any other ideas?
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