Netgear modem won't link to my Linksys router

Hello, I had an AT&T Motorolla DSL modem connected to my Linksys BEfSR41v4.3 router when modem went bad. AT&T sent me a new Netgear 2100 and reset my broadband password. When I "installed" the modem, it messed up my IE and also the router. I had to reset IE wiping out my bookmarks (per AT&T's instructions) and the router still wouldn't work.

First i tried to reinstall the router via the install CD. When that didn't work (kept coming up "cannot find router"), I searched and found a forum on Cisco mentioning resetting the router. I did that and then connected directing to the main computer to reconfig the router via but it won't go past the login (blank for user, "admin" for pass). I am at a loss. Please help!!

Computer OS: WinXP

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  1. FYI - after several attempts to log into the router, I get "401 Authorization Required" red screen.
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