Belkin n600 Wireless adapter narcolepsy

Alright community, I will do my best to include as much relevant information as possible, as well as things I have tried thus far:

Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium
Toshiba Satellite S875
Intel i5-2450M CPU 2.50GHz

Issue: Adapter turns itself off at random, losing the signal. Sometimes it turn back on, sometimes I need to take it out and plug it back in again. When it is working, the signal fluctuates heavily. I notice this when downloading something that gives me a bytes/sec , going from 80 to 400 back and forth constantly. I am using internet at a cafe hat has a 100% reliable connection when using my tablet, and others around me are playing online games with no interruption so the source is confirmed stable.

First of all, the ONLY driver update I can find on this is from the CD from early 2012: F9L1101v2 is the model

Note: The on-board wireless adapter drops wireless signal very frequently, which is why I got an adapter. Many people have had issues with these laptops and their wireless, none of the solutions worked.

I have so far turned off the "Allow computer to turn this off to save power somethingsomething" option on the wireless adapter, and all USB ports.

I have tried to re install the drivers multiple times, no go.

What else can I try, it is quite vexing and I feel like tossing this laptop into a can and buying from a better brand.
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  1. try removing the driver and see if win7 has a generic one that it will install and see if there is any improvement
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