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Our Motel has a new CenturyLink DSL Wifi Modem at the office desk, and I'm trying to get wifi to all customers via (3) Linksys WRT110 wfi routers that are in the attic. How do you configure the routers so all put a wifi signal out with the same network name ? I keep getting limited connections & etc...
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  1. You need to use the wrt110 as AP not as routers. I don't think this router has this as a feature so connect the cable from the DSL device to a LAN port on the WRT110. Disable DHCP on the WRT110. You have now in effect made your WRT110 into a wireless switch. The SSID and wireless will be controlled by the WRT but the routing will be done by your main dsl router.

    I am assuming your DSL device is not just a modem but does have router capability
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