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I am woundering if a bad sound card could crash games???I have an creative lab sound blaster pci 128.???????

tx in advance.
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  1. There are many reasons to get a game crash thanks to Microsoft. Incompatible sound card driver may be one of them. But the sound card itself shouldn't be the blame as if the card is faulty you just can't hear any sound coming from it (correct me if I'm wrong). The best way is to post up your system configuration, which game and how it crash.

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  2. Actually a sound card can cause game crashes, especially if the game requires a sound card with EAX capability, of which the PCI 128 does not support to my knowledge. If you're planning on sticking with Creative you need to move up to the SB Live, or the SB Audigy Gamer, now if you're not actually addicted to the Creative product my personal suggestion would be to get a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz sound card, its a much better choice and is cheaper than the Audigy. Ryan

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  3. Yep.. A bad sound card can crash games. You do need to post your computer configuration. There might be something else wrong that some one can help you with. Take care. Good lock.

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  4. Don't get an SB Live! That's what I have and it causes game freeze when the card get's itself into some infinite loop. Happens all the time to me. In fact, that's why I'm here on the forum, looking for new soundcard recommendations!

    Then again, don't listen to me. I have a SB Live! Full for sale if your interested... :)

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  5. Via chipset? If so, try different PCI slots preferably furthest away from the AGP slot. Also, upgrade your 4in1 drivers.

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