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Hello I have a question about network booting a few computers, I am fairly new to networking so please forgive any misconceptions in this matter, however what I would like to do is as follows, boot from the same OS with the same data on 3 computers running win 7.

What I have:

two Old'is laptops (HP elite book, Dell insperon something or other)
a powerful gaming/work machine

{also their is a ubuntu laptop, and a mac laptop, and an old iMac)

What I want to do:

boot into the same OS with the same data from the 2 laptops
run this OS of the gaming machine while still using the gaming machine normally
have multiple (3) user accounts so that different people can access differnt sets of data, with different credentials

accses all the files on every computer (mac, win, Linux)

I am not sure whether is is possible with my hardware or if I am horribly wrong and it is not possible at all, but if it is does any one know where I should start?

thank you!

PS. the exact specs are this

Gaming (DIY computer) - 3770K, 1TB HDD, 120GB SSD, 660ti, wired Ethernet to router, 16GB ram

laptops: don't know the specs and don't have them currently, wireless n

imac- core 2 duo, 3GB ram, 320 GB HDD, wireless g

MBP - core i7, 750GB HDD, ubuntu partition, 8GB ram wireless n

Ubuntu laptop- pentium dual core, 1GB ram, integrated Graphics, 200GB HDD, 2.5GB ram wireless g
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  1. I think that with what you want to do you should hire someone to set this up. It's one thing to set up a home network and build your opwn computer but what your wanting to do is complicated and can be done but it wants to be done right. I'm sure that your here rtying to save money by doing it yourself but unless someone wants to take the time to write it all down in a post for you , you may not get any replies on how to set this up. I'm not saying that you won't but that you might not and there are some here that can probably set this up but getting a reply is a maybe.
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