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I am designing a new system, which I would like to have the capacity to convert VHS for digital storage. My current system takes DV via standard 1394 port using a "soft Codec" - I have never had a hardware video capture card. So now I am thinking - why not continue using "soft capture", plus get an All-In-One Video Card to do the VHS A/D conversion. What are the benefits and disadvantages of this or have I misunderstood A/D converting?
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  1. All-in-one Video Card? I assume you mean those graphic card with VIVO function e.g. WinFast MyVIVO Edition. This is matter of quality. How good the quality you want? If you just want to capture video and doesn't care much for quality then a VIVO card may be your choice. But if quality means everything to you, get yourself a decent video capture card. SW capturing quality is lower than HW capturing.
    p/s: Go and have a look at Pinnacle Studio DV+.

    Plug & Play? How about Plug & Pray!
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