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I am having a networking trouble within my work network. I began to noticed the network infrequently dropping a few weeks ago. It was then started working good for 2 weeks and then yesterday it dropped 6 times. I purchased and setup a Linksys e4500 thinking that a more expensive router will take care of the job but it seems to be happening again. Today it worked fine for about 4 hours then dropped twice. I tried pinging the router but that did not work. Any ideas?
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  1. If it keeps dropping and you swapped out routers then maybe it's your ISP or the modem that's dropping. I know you said it's a work network but if there was some way to test it using just the modem to see if that's what's droppnig the service.
  2. Based off the information you've given I'd say it is your ISP. Dropping wired/wireless on multiple devices with different routers indicates that your service as a whole is dropping. Do you know how to check your signal levels?
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