C language compiler 64 bit for windows 7 free download

how can i get turbo c for windows 7 of 64 bit , i7 processor
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  1. The "Real Turbo C" was made by Borland probably 20 years ago. One can get (legal) copy from their current owners, Embarcaderro.

    However, I doubt it (or anything of that vintage, 16-bit) will run on 64-bit Windows. There are plenty of free C and C++ compilers, @dextermat pointed to some resource. If you are just starting with programming - get something you can work with on, don't look twenty years back. Get Microsoft Visual Studio Express, for example.
  2. have u tried ~ Visual Basic 2010 Express ~ its so much better than those old style ones, and its free. hat c+ support not so sure about c

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