Help to connect laptop to desktop pc using lan cable


Here is my current setup.

I have a desktop CPU (without monitor) and a Acer D270 netbook.

Desktop CPU has XP (SP3) and Netbook has XP SP3 and Win 7 (Dual boot).

I wish to setup a LAN so I can access and view my desktop PC which is more
powerful than my netbook.

How do I setup the LAN connection or use remote desktop? I have a lengthy crossover cable ready (2 sided RJ45 cable). A detailed description would be helpful so I can follow the procedure to setup at my place.

Regarding performance, how good will it be. Can I play high quality games? The CPU has NVidia Graphics card.

Hope you can help me re-unite with my PC. Feel sorry for having it rott idle. So much power put to waste.

Thanks in Advance,
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  1. So you want to use the laptops screen to view what is on the desktop ? Even though you have a powerfull video card in the desktop the screen on the laptop is not as good as say a monitor would be.
    Do you have a TV , you would get much better visual display by connecting your desktop to the TV and using the TV as your monitopr.
  2. Hi Inzone,

    Thank you for responding.

    Its ok.. I will check or manage with what I have on screen..

    Just need to know how the setup is done over the prescribed configuration..

    I will forgo gaming, and use for data and file access.

  3. On second thoughts , I'll drop this and consult my household geek squad and help me set up..
  4. I'm sure that in different area's of the country that Best Buy will have different people working in thier Geek Squad but from what I've heard from comments in these forums some places don't have very good quality techs working in the Geek Squad so just be aware and approach with a bit of caution.
    I wish I had the knowladge to help with your situation as I certianly would take the time.
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