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I have 2 SSIDs one for my ISP through an Asus RT-N66U, anther through an Asus RT-N16 for a VPN (StrongVPN). I also have two wireless network adapters on my PC. My Asus EA-N66 linked to the ISP SSID, and a DLink DWA552 linked to my VPN SSID. I’ve set it up this way because I need the VPN to watch Netflix in my bedroom through a ROKU player and I also stream movies from my PC. However, I would like to stream to my ROKU player through the other network because the setup is faster. So my question is; how can I stream movies through the EA-N66u network adapter which, as mentioned earlier is connected to a different SSID? Is there some sort of bridge connection? Or gateway setting?
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  1. Normally you could just hook the LAN side of the routers together and disable DHCP on on of the 2 devices. You would manually assign the second router a IP for its lan port out of the range from the first router. Now both SSID would represent the same network and you would select which router to use to access external resources based on its lan ip.

    This is the fairly standard how do I use 2 ISP question....but in your case I suspect you have the VPN router plugged into the lan port of the main internet router. Because you cannot plug both the lan and the wan into the same network I don't know how you would solve this.
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