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Hey everyone,

Wow, this question will be a throwback to you all...see if anyone remembers this stuff...

Here goes: I'm cleaning out some old PC stuff, so which should I keep: Sound Blaster AWE32, or Sound Blaster AWE64? The only reason I ask is that I remember reading a review (waaaayyyyy back when) that said that some of the sound quality (instrument-wise) was poorer in the AWE64. Of course, I wasn't really too deep into computers back then...so which one is better overall (or in certain areas, if you remember...)?

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  1. None, get a Fortissimo III 7.1.

    Plug & Play? How about Plug & Pray!
  2. Quote:
    Sound Blaster AWE32, or Sound Blaster AWE64?

    Well I have and often still use an AWE32. The sound quality is quite poor, lots of hiss. But the AWE32 has a Waveblaster header for an add-on General MIDI board, the AWE64 doesn't. To me that was very important for DOS gaming because I have a nice GM daughterboard (Roland SCD-15). Otherwise I would have an AWE64!

  3. AWE64. Unless you have 8MB of memory for the AWE32...

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