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Hi, Like most people who read the lcd panel reviews on TomsHardware I had my heart set on the Hercules Prophetview but I couldnt find one anywhere so I decided to go for the IIyama proLite E431S. I have been offered a Hercules Prophetview Pro 920 for a very nice price but it isnt DVI. Would there be a big difference? Should I buy the Hercules or go for the Iiyama? I would appreciate some advice. Thanks
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  1. If it isn't dvi then it isn't "pro"

    *edit* mistype

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  2. Take a look at http://us.hercules.com/products/index.php3?t=21 and you'll see that there is indeed a Hercules Prophetview 920 PRO that isn't DVI. Not to worry though I've decided not to buy it.
  3. Anyone in this thread know why those chose not to compare the Hitachi from January to the panels in the November article?
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