I am using my alienware m15x (dont judge me it was my 1st gaming machine) and i am at the in-laws house visiting. Their internet has 20mbps dwn and 5 up but my laptop is only speedtesting at 1 up and 5 down???? I cannot understand why? I am not very well versed in the wireless networking world.

Wireless router di-524 by dlink
wireless card dw1520 wireless-n half
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  1. can you get more than 1 down on any other network?
  2. yes my network at home I run 10 mbps down no problem.
  3. All sorts of possibilities:
    1) Their ISP connection is just slower. Unless you can show a wired connection or other laptop speedtesting faster, that's quite possibly it.
    2) Their wireless is just slower. They may have a b or g network and/or thicker walls or other things to impair the signal. If a wired connection is fast but wireless is slow, this is the likely cause.

    You're not going to be able to debug much unless you get physical access to their router to test.
  4. Are you right near the router? They could have interference in the wireless from many other wifi signals or from other devices that run on the same band (usually 2.4). Try the connection wired.

    This is not a "SERIOUS PROBLEM" really, if you have a slow connection, no-one will die, or even get hurt, or fired, heck, I'm betting even the coffee in the house will not get colder any faster due to this.
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