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I added a SSD to my ASUS laptop. Reinstalled Windows 7 from scratch. There is a SSD, 120G and a HDD 750G. When it boots it works just fine. However it always takes several tries to boot. First time it comes up with Starting Windows and locks up. You can power off easily, just turning off the switch. When you power it up again it offers to either repair startup or boot normally. Repairing startup takes a long time and basically says it cannot fix anything. If you boot normally, it boots. Sometimes it takes 3 tries but usually only 2. I tried boot logging but not much information since it does not log when it fails to boot. I tried safe mode and when it locks up only 1 text line is displayed. Then it freezes. Second time it boots fine into safe mode. So I doubt that it is services or drivers since safe mode does not solve anything.

Anyone point me in some direction to try something.

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  1. Have you tried booting with the 750 HDD disconnected?
  2. No, although it is disabled in the BIOS as part of the boot. To take it out is a major effort, as you have to disassemble half the laptop to get to the HDD. Probably not going to make that effort unless it is a last case.
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