My computer doesn't recognize my keyboard

so every time i turn on my computer there's a black screen and all these words pop up and one that caught my eye was the one that said keyboard error or keyboard not detected. Which was really strange I thought it was the batteries so i changed them twice and i kept turning it off and on i'm using a logitech mk710 keyboard and i tried everything nothing's working my computer doesn't turn on only that black screen shows... please help :/ i've also tried plugging the little connector thingy to another usb port and that didn't seem to help either.
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  1. Can you go past the error, does it prompt F1 to continue ?
    Did you test the KB with another computer and does it work there ?
    The little connector thingy better be a USB connector or else you're wrong.
    Most computers have a BIOS setting for USB Legacy, which allows compatibility with "outdated" hardware connected to USB ports. You need to go into the bios, if laptop F2 or DEL, it will be in the words that pop up. Find the USB Legacy in the menus and turn it ON. Save and Exit and you should be good.
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