diablo 2

anyone know how to change diablo 2 cd key without install the whole game????
help me plz
and how people steal diablo 2 cd key from my computer???
my cd key was stole by my friends
how they do it??
help pls.
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  1. Don’t know how to change a CD key without reinstalling which is no big deal but I read that some “trainers” have Trojans in em which send people your CD key.

    Thx & Cya

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  2. Another good reason to never use your original cdkey unless you're multiplayer, in which case the trainers are right next to worthless.

    I've never played d2 with my original key; not one single time.

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  3. well it cant be done with a reg hack but while im at it i dled this mp3 and laughed my ass off


    oh and dont worry about it being a zip file, its just an mp3 and a credits file

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  4. this workes for sof (soldier of fortune) but i dont know if it will work for u ... if you are running S**TY windows then #1:goto start menu
    #2:type "regedit.exe"
    #3:then in the menu click find
    #4:type "cdkey"
    then hopefully you will be ableto change it !.

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  6. try this one
    It can grab ur cd-key

    Check here
    You can get your cd-key changed!!!
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  8. All of these answers was for Windows version of Diablo II only.
    How to change CD Key in Mac OS X (without buying a whole new machine and Microsoft™ Windows® OS, because it's much simplier just to reinstall Diablo than to get a windows machine)?
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  14. maybe its because diablo 3 is just around the corner and that they would be releasing a new patch for diablo 2...

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    diablo 3 is just around the corner


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    Topic about chaninging Diablo 2 CD-keys.
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