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Solved the blue screen problem with Norton Utilities 2000.
However, now while I'm surfing the thing suddenly decides to powerdown and reboot.
Has anybody any idea what has caused it to do this, and what I need to do to stop it thinking for itself????
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  1. This doesn't really sound like a network problem. I'd suspect heat or power supply. You might want to post this on the motherboard forum, along with exact specs of your system.

    <i>It's always the one thing you never suspected.</i>
  2. I don't think it is power supply. I think its something to do with either the modem (cable with NIC card) or its something the web browser causes, or its something Norton Utilities has done when it replaced the files I was missing?? So far it only seems to happen while I'm surfing the net, but its random I'll go to a page and it powersdown& reboots,and when I'm up and running go straight to the same page and no problem until the next time, which could be within a couple of minutes or up to 1hr.
  3. I had asked my ISP about the blue screen problem, that was 31/8/01, well last night I got a reply and they are telling me that the problem could be the ethernet card that they installed.
    The error has 311 in it, that would be the netgear FA311 ethernet card. The bit about vxd is to do with virtual drivers of the card and wonder if the card is using the same IRQ as the graphic card.
    But it isn't, however it does share with IRQ holder for PCI steering.
    Anyway I've sent them an email telling them how disappointed I am with their slow response.
    I've got a PC technician coming monday afternoon and I'll see what he has to say before I get in touch with my ISP support about the ethernet card.
    Let you know how I get on.
  4. The technician came and the modem and NIC card have been checked with diagnostics and there are no conflicts with other hardware on my PC.
    As soon as they had gone I was back in touch with my PC supplier and now the ball is back in their court, however they tried to get out of it by saying that with it being an internet problem only, it was probably the modem at fault and as it is a third party piece of equipment it was not their problem, I think I sorted that out.
    Anyway they are looking into it now and will get back to me when they come up with the solution I hope??
    I'll also keep looking myself and if anybody has any other ideas, they would be appreciated.
  5. After exausting things to with PC support, they told me that it has got to be the ethernet card causing the problem.
    So I got back in touch with my ISP and persuaded them to send out a technician. He came yesterday and eventually fitted a new ethernet card and touch wood I haven't had a bluescreen since lunchtime yesterday. Hopefully now the problem is rectified. My thanks to everybody for there input
    All the best
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