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I have an Intellimouse optical explorer and ever since I setup my new system the mouse will just die at random times....and then I unplug it and plug it in again and it will work for a while and it's becoming very annoying. I have installed the latest intellipoint software but it still is having issues....any ideas on what I could do??

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  1. I think we are both having the same problems, every once in a while, the mouse will just freeze in one position and I'll hear a little bleep through the speakers, then a couple seconds goes by, that bleep comes back and it is unfrozen.

    Sometimes it doesn't unfreeze though and I have to restart my computer. Sound familiar? Because I don't get it either!

    I use to think it was a problem with Windows 98, but now I have a completely new computer with Windows XP, but I kept the same mouse and keep getting this problem (though not nearly as much now).

    My only explanation is that it is some kind of a bug in the drivers for the mouse. I'll soon be getting a Logitech mouse, so if I never see these problems again I'll know for sure it is a software problem for the mouse.

    Love the mouse, but this freeze thing really bugs me!

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  2. i got the same mouse on XP PRO......... i just pluged it in when i got it, i didn't even load the [-peep-] software that came with it, maybe that's yoru problem?......... try a new USB port.

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  3. It's the mouse. I had an intellimouse explorer with an identical problem, although the problem didn't start until I had used the mouse for two years.

    Replaced it with a logitech mx500 on the same USB port and have not once gotten the problem in the year I've had it.

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  4. its a pretty common problem with ms mice. cs game server -
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  5. just go wont go back. :)
    (plus, theyre cheaper than MS mice)

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