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(CIBU) = Complete in Box, Used)
(NEW) = Complete in Box, New/Sealed)
Games with a * have no box and are JC or Sleeve as shown.

I will respond to all offers & questions and will be happy to give a
complete description of the box and contents as well as scan anything you'd
like to see.

Prices do not include shipping.

Method of Shipping ie. (Priority, Media Mail etc.) is your choice.
I will ship Worldwide.
All items are shipped in a box.
I will insure orders over $40.00 for free.
I will include Delivery Confirmation for all orders for free.
References available upon request.

*FREE Games* - I will send One Free game of your choice with each game
ordered. 1st come 1st served. More Free Games are listed on my webpage
shown below.

Purchase of Free games is $3.00 each + shipping.

If you are interested in 5.25" or 3.5" Disk format games, I've made a
webpage if you'd like to take a look.
Also, for those of you who enjoy text adventures, be sure and see my
slowing growing scans of "Questbusters - The Adventurer's Journal".

MY EMAIL IS - SensuariAtYahoodotcom

Thanks for Looking,

~ CD Format Games ~

(NEW) - Adventure at the Chateau D'or (KarmaLabs) - $20.00

(NEW) - Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare (Infogrames) - $25.00
NEW/SEALED and includes the "Alone in the Dark" Flashlight.

(CIBU) - Arc of Doom (Sunstar) - 15.00
Game Manual & Registration Card

(CIBU) - Amerzone (Microids) - FREE
Install Guide & Game Manual

(CIBU) - Ark of Time (Dice) - $18.00
Game Manual

(CIBU) - Bloodwings: Pumpkinhead's Revenge (Motion Picture Corp) - FREE
Game Manual

(CIBU) - Burn Cycle (Philips) - $10.00
(2 CDs (1-Game, 1-Music), Game Manual, 5 Letters w/Envelope, Registration

(CIBU) - Byzantine: The Betrayal (Interplay) - $7.00
Game Manual

(*JC) - Callahan's Crosstime Saloon (Legend) - $27.00
Game Manual & Adventurer's Survival (Hint) Guide

(CIBU) - Ceremony of Innocence (Realworld) - $30.00
Game Manual

(*Sleeve) - C.H.A.O.S. Continum (Creative) - FREE
Game Manual

(NEW- DVD) - China: the Forbidden City (Cryo) - $35.00

(CIBU) - Chronomaster (Capstone) - $15.00
Game Manual, Win 95/98 Install Sheet, Registration Card

(*JC) - Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines (EIDOS) - FREE
Game Manual

(NEW) - Comer (Shine Studios) - $52.00
Includes New/Sealed Music CD

(CIBU) - Crusader: Conspiracy in the Kingdom of Jerusalem (Index +) - $35.00
Game Manual

(CIBU) - Crystal Key (Dreamcatcher) - FREE
Game Manual

(CIBU) - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (Ubi-Soft) - $12.00

(NEW) - Cydonia (Dreamcatcher) - $18.00

(*JC) - Dark Sun: Wake of the Ravager (SSI) - FREE

(CIBU) - Diablo (Blizzard) - $12.00
STRATEGY GUIDE, Game Manual and Registration Card

(CIBU) - Discworld (Psygnosis) - $100.00
Special Edition w/ Game Manual, Pewter Figurine & Collector's Card

(CIBU) - Discworld II: Mortality Bytes (Psygnosis) - $65.00
Game Manual

(CIBU) - Dracula: The Last Sanctuary (Dreamcatcher) - FREE
Game Manual

(NEW) Forgotten Realms Archives 'Silver Edition' (Interplay) - $50.00
Includes: Eye of the Beholder I, II and III - Pool of Radiance, Curse of the
Azure Bonds, Secret of the Silver Blades, Pools of Darkness - Gateway to the
Savage Frontier, Treasures of the Savage Frontier - Hillsfar - Dungeon
Hack - Menzoberranzan - Blood & Magic - Baldur's Gate Demo

(NEW) - Genesys (Galileo) - $38.00

(CIBU) - Gilbert Goodmate and the Mushroom of Phungoria (FastTrak) - $10.00
In Original DVD Case w/Game Manual

(*New/Sealed) - Hard Evidence: The Marilyn Monroe Files (Novell) - $12.00
Comes in a sealed slipcase

(*JC) - High Heat Baseball (3DO) - FREE
Install guide

(NEW) - Jack Orlando: A Cinematic Adventure (Topware) - $45.00

(*JC) - Jeopardy (Sony) - FREE
CD in Jewel Case w/Manual

(CIBU) - Konung: Legends of The North (Infogrames) - $12.00
Game Manual

(CIBU) - Liath (Project 2) - $50.00
Original Box w/Sleeve, Game Manual, Registration Card - Plays in English,
Dutch, French, German or Italian.

(CIBU) - Lighthouse: The Dark Being (Sierra) - FREE
Game Manual & Hint Guide

(*JC) - Links 386 (Access) - FREE
Includes: Game Manual, Barton Creek Course, Torrey Pines Course and Strategy

(CIBU) - Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring (Black Label) - $7.00
Game Manual & "Pippin" Trading Card

(CIBU) - Lords of Midnight (Domark) - $5.00
Game Manual, Chronicles, Ref. Card and Registration Card

(*JC) - Lost Admiral (QQP) - FREE
CD in Jewel Case w/Install Guide

(CIBU) - Mummy: Tomb of the Pharaoh (Interplay) - FREE
Game Manual

(*JC) - Neverhood (DreamWorks) - $30.00
Game Manual

(NEW) No One Lives Forever/ Game of the Year Edition (Sierra) - $12.00

(*Sleeve) - Norton Internet Security 2002 (Symantec) - FREE

(*JC) - Pharaoh (Sierra) - FREE
Game Manual and Map

(CIBU) - Pilgrim/Special Edition(Arxel Tribe) - $15.00
CD in DVD Case w/Game Manual & Bonus CD

(NEW) - Return to Zork (Infocom) - $12.00

(*JC) - SFPD Homicide: The Body in the Bay (Grolier) - $20.00
Original Game Manual

(CIBU) - Shadow Master (Psygnosis) - $7.00
Game Manual, Unopened Comic Book, Unopened Psygnosis Demo Sampler,
Registration Card

(NEW) - Shadow of the Comet (Infogrames) - $25.00

(CIBU) - Sherlock Holmes: Case of the Serrated Scalpel (EA) - $50.00
Game Manual, Command Summary Card, CD Voice Version Copy + 3.5" Original
Disks and Celluloid of Box Art + Box Art Lithograph.

(NEW) - Sim City 2000, Special Edition (Maxis) - $10.00

(CIBU) - Silver (Infogrames) - FREE
NOTE: This is the German Language Version
Game Manual and Registration Card

(NEW) - Stephen King's F13 (BlueByte) - $10.00

(CIBU) - Soccer Kid (General Admission) - $10.00
Game Manual & Registration Card

(*JC) - Temujin (SouthPeak) - FREE
Game Manual & Hint Book

(CIBU) - Temple of Elemental Evil (Atari) - $15.00
Game Manual

(CIBU) - Tender Loving Care (Aftermath) - $25.00
Game Manual

(CIBU) - The Thing (Black Label) - $12.00
Game Manual

(CIBU) - Tony Tough and the Night of the Roasted Moths (Got Game) - $12.00
Game Manual

(NEW) - Top Gun: Fire at Will (Spectrum Holobyte) - FREE

(CIBU) - Thunderscape: World of Aden - FREE
Large Manual and Install/Info Guide

(CIBU) - Unreal Gold (Legend) - $10.00
Install Guide

(CIBU) - Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness DEMO (Blizzard) - FREE
This is one of those unique demo's that was packaged in a box - before the
days of internet download. Comes with a small manual.

(NEW) - Wing Commander II: Deluxe Edition (Electronic Arts) - $12.00
EA Classics Version on CD

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