HP dvd-writer dvd100i tech help needed

This is for technical assistance and I will try to explain the whole situation.

I bought one of the HP DVD-Writer dvd100i drives the other day, OEM so it didn't come with any of the software at all. I put it in an external firewire drive enclosure because I have a modded case and it wouldn't go well with the drive. I decided to install the newest firmware for the drive, x.37 I believe. It froze in the middle of the installation, so I did what the directions told me to do and shut the system down for 10 seconds.
When I turned it back on, the drive bay door would not open anymore. I got into windows and the setup didn't continue like it said it would. I tried to run it again, but it doesn't detect any compatible drives installed. I took the drive out of the encloser and put it in the case, connected to IDE2 on master, and my system hangs while trying to detect IDE devices. Can't go into bios, cant do anything.

I called HP tech assistance and they said since it was OEM AND in a drive encloser, they COULDN"T help me. I called the people I bought it from and they said since I tried to install drivers without asking them for help first, they COULDN"T help me, so, as Clooney would say..."We're in a tight spot"

So, if there is anyone out there that knows what went wrong and how I might be able to fix it, PLEASE reply and maybe we can talk.
Thanks a bunch!
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  1. You said it froze in the middle of a flash? Yeeeeech. Thats VERY bad.
    unless you can reflash it, its dead in the water.

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  2. call HP back and simply tell them you went to flash it and now its dead. dont mention external enclosure. I dont see why they wouldnt replace it since its new.
  3. should of went with the 200i

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