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Viral infection - rootkit?

Last response: in Windows 7
May 18, 2012 11:14:36 PM

I'm running windows 7 premium.

So, I'm almost positive that I have a viral infection on my computer.
I've been having some run errors in games, some system instability with the occasional blue screen of death, and general lagg / stuttering. I got a virus back in November from a game torrent my boyfriend wanted me to download with him. He was lucky enough to be able to perform a system restore and wipe the virus off of his computer, but I, however, was not. It took a while, but I eliminated a lot of viruses using Malewarebyte's anti-malware and microsoft essentials.

So, the processes Atieclxx.exe, csrss.exe, and winlogon.exe (Vital windows processes; prior to me wiping my harddrives my tablet drivers were also reacting the same way.) When I try to stop the process, (which is normally a stupid idea since they're vital), I get the access denied message, so I'm assuming whatever is in my system is blocking this from happening. Also, if I right click any of those processes and try to open their file location, nothing happens. Literally, zilch.

So, after dealing with this for a while and not being able to solve any of the problems, I wiped my harddrives and reinstalled Windows 7 from the disk I recieved with my computer. Even though I completely wiped the harddrives, the same processes were still on my computer after installation. These viruses also block access to certain folders, though I don't remember which.

I tried looking up registries to change to fix this particular virus, but they were all either fixes for windows XP or I just couldn't function well enough with regedit to find the registries, (I have little experience in that area).

So, I'm wondering if this problem is causing an overall reduction in CPU / system performance. I've been having strange problems in my games lately resulting in odd FPS decreases like maintaining a constant 50 fps regardless of whether or not my graphics settings were at max or lowest possible or not, (in diablo 3).

Any help or suggestions?
Should I buy a new harddrive and windows disk?
Could someone help me with the registries?
Can anyone think of another reason why I'm having these problems in my games?
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May 18, 2012 11:31:34 PM

dont buy a new harddrive and windows disk

Atieclxx.exe is part of catalyst control center

csrss.exe is a genuine windows process--though some viruses may imitate it

winlogon.exe again is a genuine windows process

these should all be found in windows/system32 --though some or all may be hidden or hidden system files

if you restored the hard drive with a windows disk then it should be virus free unless you have a master boot record virus

read here about those

its likely to just be a software issue of some sort though

you could use msconfig to shut down all the unnecessary processes that load at startup to see if your pc runs better

if its an online game you have problems with then it could just be down to net connection or busy servers etc