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Just had my new Enermax Power Supply delivered; bought it before the rest of my bits for my new PC as it was on special offer. Question is; how do I test it works? I plugged it in, and I could hear a slight hum but no fans spun. Do I need to have it connected to something that will draw power to see it spring to life? I have a couple of old disks around that I could use for that when I get home from work. Don't want to install it in my old case as that is too much work so is there any other way to test it works (I don't have a test bench)
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  1. Some powersupplies requires a minimum load to start up. A single harddisk is usually sufficient for this. You will also need to ground the PW-ON signal in the ATX motherboard connector. This is usually done by the mianboard when you press the front side power switch.

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