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Hey guys I could use some advise. I currently have been using the Netgear WNDR3400 N600 for the past 2 years or so(forget exact time just guessing_. I remember buying the router for around 80$ and notice the price is still the same,I guess routers dont lose their value over time as quick as other pc components. The router has worked great for me butI have has issues when trying to use a 5hz signal. With christmas approaching I was wondering if now would be the time to make an upgrade , it would be a nice recommendation as a gift suggestion. Would you guys stick with the current router I have or make an upgrade and if you were to upgrade what would you suggest? I have my pc wired direct to router and use router wireless for my girlfriends macbook , my iphone 5 , xbox downstairs , etc.. thanks in advance for the help.
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    Upgrade to what ? This router supports the vast majority of the features. 5G signal is more easily blocked which is good and bad. It keep interference from your neighbors down but your internal wall also block much more signal that if your use 2.4g

    The only things really out there that in theory are "better" are 3x3 mimo which they state on boxes as 450m or 900m, or the new 802.11AC stuff.

    802.11AC will not be finalized for another year, you run the risk of incompatibility like the "pre-n" stuff did.

    In either case it neither of these features do you any good unless you can upgrade all your components in your network. You would have to replace every nic with a card that had the feature. I suspect you are not even using all the ability of your current router since few phones/xbox can run 2x2 mimo which is what give you 300m

    If you have anything that is still running G you may get more value buying a cheap G router and running it as a AP. You could then set your main router to only run N which then allows you to use the 150 or 300m options. Running a router in mixed mode (ie g and n) will pretty much cause everything to run at G speed.
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